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MUSIC – Recommended listening: revival, decadence or or simple stammering? What's sure is that bands like Texas' Hacienda are quite good at reproducing 'the good old sound', as in their song She's got ahold on . Please buy Hacienda's music.

During the production of Sesame Street ' s first season, producers created five one-hour episodes to test the show's appeal to children and examine their comprehension of the material. Not intended for broadcast, they were presented to preschoolers in 60 homes throughout Philadelphia and in day care centers in New York City in July 1969. [5] The results were "generally very positive"; [6] children learned from the shows, their appeal was high, and children's attention was sustained over the full hour. [5] However, the researchers found that although children's attention was high during the Muppet segments, their interest wavered during the "Street" segments, when no Muppets were on screen. This was because the producers had followed the advice of child psychologists who were concerned that children would be confused if human actors and Muppets were shown together. As a result of this decision, the appeal of the test episodes was lower than the target. [6] [7]

Various Street Sounds 87 3Various Street Sounds 87 3Various Street Sounds 87 3Various Street Sounds 87 3