Various goats milk soap - The Classic Oatmeal, Goat s Milk and Honey Cold Process.

The first step that made an impact on my skin was eliminating the processed junk food from our diet. I didn’t know it at the time, and the impact happened very slowly over time. But I see it now when my skin breaks out after indulging in too many sweets or tortilla chips. For me, it’s affirmation that eating real food (and NOT eating real food) really does make an impact on the body.

Food Empowerment Project (.) promotes veganism for ethical reasons and we want to make sure you are fully informed about this compassionate choice.

In the United State the most common food allergy for children under three is cow’s milk. Mild side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, and skin rashes and severe effects can be as serious as anaphylactic shock! Needless to say it is a serious condition. The allergic reaction can be blamed on a protein allergen known as Alpha s1 Casein found in high levels in cow’s milk. The levels of Alpha s1 Casein in goat’s milk are about 89% less than cow’s milk providing a far less allergenic food.  In fact a recent study of infants allergic to cow’s milk found that nearly 93% could drink goat’s milk with virtually no side effects! ((Freund G. Use of goat milk for infant feeding: experimental work at Creteil (France). Proceeding of the meeting Interets nutritionnel et dietetique du lait de chevre. Niort, France: INRA, 1996:119–21))

Various Goats Milk SoapVarious Goats Milk SoapVarious Goats Milk SoapVarious Goats Milk Soap